Australian Specialists in Energy Asset Developments

Accelerating Australia's energy transition, through the development, construction and operation of grid scale battery assets.


Clean energy projects at scale

Enervest performs a broad range of development services from land acquisition, permit management, engineering, construction and asset operations. 

We act with and on behalf of asset owners to both manage contractor relationships and all aspects of the end-to-end construction process.

This continues through to a long-term operational partnership to deliver optimal financial and functional performance and taking care of the day-to-day administrative responsibilities.


Attractive environmental outcomes.

The distributed electricity energy markets in Australia are in the process of irreversible and profound transformation, offering a new era of once off investment opportunity for those well positioned and armed with the right knowledge & expertise. 

Enervest is seeking infrastructure-oriented investor/s

to join with them to build out and manage the localised mid-sized demand for electricity storage and on-demand despatch in the mainland eastern seaboard states of Australia.

Property Partnerships

Long term leases

Provide a strengthened power grid ready for Australia’s future power needs. Whether you’re derisking your farming operations, or looking to improve the value of your land. Leasing land for renewable projects, provides an attractive income stream in a partnership that can last for several decades.

Why Us

How we do it


Site Selection

Enervest are already in an accelerated stage of pre-development. We have strategically selected sites based on strict geographic and electrical infrastructure metrics. Enervest have secured over 40 options to select from to progress through Due Diligence, on to Construction & Operations. This provides a de-risking mechanism whereby our developments are performing in multiple markets and weather conditions, giving greater market impact and financial stability to the investments.

Results-Oriented Solutions


Our assets are engineered, designed & operationally geared to participate in 3 main revenue streams across the energy market;

1. Energy Arbitrage – trading the raw commodity of spot-priced energy

2. Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) (slow & fast)

3. Network Support & Demand and Response


Stronger Together

From state governments to universities, corporations to SMBs, our diverse network of corporate partners holds the key to our continued success. We humbly call on these strategic relationships to fully enhance our resources, knowledge and expertise required to maintain our reputation of excellence in large-scale renewable energy assets.


Case studies

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Project 02
Project 03
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About Us

Who we are

Enervest is an Australian owned & operated company specialising in the design, construction and operation of dispatchable generation & storage assets. As well as providing engineering & operational services on our shared decarbonization journey,

Enervest specifically builds reliable return-on-investments through performance-guaranteed energy systems, backed by industry leading terms to protect your investment.

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