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Designing and installing commercially viable renewable energy solutions.

Enervest is an industry leader in designing and implementing Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) for operators who are serious about sustainable energy solutions. Since 2008 we have been a trusted energy partner to a range of retail, commercial, agricultural, and industrial clients throughout Australia.

Our highly skilled team of engineers, project managers and investment advisors pride themselves on being at the forefront of renewable energy innovation, including designing, building and operating VPPs — a crucial component in the next phase of the renewable energy transition.

We also work with commercial and industrial land and property owners to design, build, own and operate renewable energy assets at their properties, providing renewable power at a more competitive rate than grid power, with no upfront or ongoing costs to the customer.


What is a VPP?

A virtual power plant (VPP) is an energy system that doesn’t physically exist in one place, but instead combines the capacities of many different sources of renewable energy that are spread out in different locations. These sources include solar systems, batteries, and electric cars situated within businesses, communities, and industrial locations.

A cloud-based VPP control system orchestrates these smaller energy systems to create one large renewable power plant, that can generate and trade electricity and stabilise power prices. VPPs support the electricity network by responding rapidly to technical imbalances in the power system and reducing dependence on the grid during peak demand periods.



Electricity rate negotiation

A traditional energy broker negotiates the most competitive energy rates with retailers on behalf of the customer.

Enervest is uniquely placed as your partner in Australia’s energy market transformation.

With pricing arrangements with all the major retailers and in-depth expertise in renewables, we’ll help identify the right procurement technique to maximise your company’s savings.


Enervest brokers provide a personalised service in achieving the best energy solution.

We carefully manage each step of the process on your behalf.

No hassle and free change of supplier.

Differences between contract offers.

Great option for budgeting.

Choose the best energy plan that suits your company.

Lower monthly bills.